After an in-depth analysis of the telecommunications market, MediaKroton has defined the following common needs to all clients:

  • Optimization of services and reduction of costs
  • Simplification of domestic and international telephone traffic
  • Guaranteed call quality and stability and security
  • Usage reporting in real-time in order to avoid unexpected costs

MediaKroton responds to these needs by offering:

  • Optimization of voice and data traffic worldwide
  • Reduction of costs, regardless of service provider
  • High-quality audio communications, reduced bandwidth usage
  • Elevated, military-grade encryption, with the security of open and verifiable platforms

Everything is guaranteed by the Data Center located in a Swiss bunker. The facility is under constant surveillance, requires biometric access and provides redundant systems that respond to any need or issue.

VOICE products

MAK Service: a world of services.

  • Pre-paid baskets to avoid the risk of overages
  • Management of practical pre-payment thresholds
  • Call encryption utilizing the highest military-grade standards, and the assurance of open and verifiable platforms
  • Services for real-time call and usage monitoring
  • Traffic analysis services
  • Packages created for every need: Classic, Plus or Corporate