Do you travel abroad?

MAK-SIMMAK Sim is a new international SIM created for overseas travelers.
MAK Sim offers low-cost mobile telephony worldwide with the elimination of roaming charges in over 150 countries.
Conceived for use by frequent travelers anywhere in the world, it provides savings on calls and roaming charges as well as a convenient internet connection.

It works anywhere because it uses local providers. With our REDIRECT service, all calls can be routed to your existing cell phone number, eliminating the need to carry two or more phones while never missing a call.

MAK SIM – Simplicity wherever you go

  • Use of your existing number and smartphone
  • It automatically connects to the provider with the strongest signal
  • International voice traffic at reduced rates for both incoming and outgoing calls, and no roaming charges in over 150 countries
  • Internet connection worldwide
  • Maximum accessibility thanks to the REDIRECT service
  • Pre-paid basket for use by all authorized corporate numbers
  • Real-time cost and usage monitoring
  • Available in all formats (standard sim, micro and nano)