MAK Voice

Do you call abroad?

Mak-VoiceThanks to the MAK I, you can finally call abroad at discounted rates from your existing GSM network without WiFi or 4G, and with no worries or surprises.

With MAK I, calls from your cell phone have the same voice quality and stability as a local call, wherever you are and to any country.

MAK I integrates with your phone’s software and allows you to place calls from your country to abroad at discounted rates, without the initial click charge, all while using your existing provider and without WiFi or 4G network coverage. You simply use your existing GSM network wherever it is available.

This all translates to a regular call from a cell phone to any telephone abroad.

MAK VOICE – Simplicity wherever you are

  • Install MediaKroton’s MAK I app on your smartphone and you can make low-cost overseas calls without changing your number or provider, and with no reconfiguration.
  • Easy and functional: just dial the number, as with a normal GSM call
  • Ready to use anytime, anywhere, without a WiFi connection
  • Overseas calls without the initial click charge, and rates based on actual call duration
  • High sound quality, regardless of where calls originate or their destination country
  • Pre-paid basket for use by all authorized corporate numbers
  • Cost and equipment usage monitored in real time