Maurizio Scerra

Maurizio Scerra: Statutory Auditor and member of the Order of Accountants and Accounting Professionals of Crotone (Italy).

In addition to having served as auditor for several municipalities and public administrations, he served in the management of Confartigianato (Artisan Association) and was an industry expert for the Provincial Artisan Commission of Crotone.

He was an integral member of the Board of Auditors for the Tel.Cal consortium – a consortium formed by the Region of Calabria, Telecom Italia, Intersiel and Italeco. This project was recognized as a paragon of innovation in the field of telecommunications.

He is president of ARA-CALABRIA, the Association of Regional Artisans and SMI’s and a member of the Board of Directors of N.E.T. – Nature Energy Territory SCRL – managing organization for the Innovation Cluster of the Calabria Region dedicated to renewable energy, energy efficiency and technologies for the sustainable management of environmental resources.