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Supply chain

The concept of Supply Chain Management is of fundamental importance in maximizing a company’s competitiveness: monitoring, anticipating and managing procurement and sales issues, as well as anticipating consumer and market trends means maintaining a high-level of customer service. The integration of businesses on the “client/supplier” distribution chain and the effective collaboration of the various entities on the chain are the responsibility of supply chain management. Supply Chain Strategy supports businesses in improving and optimizing the management of production and distribution activities along the entire Value Chain, while constantly improving the level of customer service. Upgrades to these processes provide substantial increases in efficiency and functionality, resulting...
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“Energy efficiency” refers to the optimization of energy systems, facilities, structures, components and materials that result in reduced energy consumption. Energy efficiency is also considered a source of “virtual” renewable energy, being immediately available and accessible to everyone. Energy savings can even be obtained with minimal investment while producing very rapid returns on investment. Reduced energy consumption also decreases operational costs (reduction in the annual electric bill). LightbulbDecreased consumption of energy produced from fossil fuels (petroleum derivatives, propane and natural gas, coal, etc.) also reduces harm to the environment by limiting CO2 emissions and other...
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